Saturday, July 17, 2010

For the Love of...Reading

Well, I can honestly say, and this will make my father very happy, that I have enjoyed reading his book, The Bastard....and no I am not a fan of the title!

I can't honestly remember how many years my father has been asking me to read the series The Kent Family Chronicles, and every time, I would say no I will read it later. But this summer, knowing I had three months off from school, I decided to tell him yes, I would give it a try. And surprise, surprise, it turned out to be better than I thought! I think I will take a short break from reading the next one (I believe there are seven total) in order to read something of my own...perhaps my FREE book from Book Sneeze that should be in the mail any day now!

It is amazing how you can get yourself lost in a book. If only I could be a professional reader all my life...wouldn't that be fun!

Oh and earlier today, I used my blueberry pie recipe to make some cute little blueberry mini pies. They turned out to be not only adorable but also very delicious! With a little ice cream and whip topping, a movie, and a scalp massage from my hubby, it was the perfect ending to a glorious Saturday.

God Bless.

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