Friday, October 28, 2011

Always Inspirational

When God Whispers Your Name

When God Whispers Your Name

By: Max Lucado

I have always enjoyed reading books by Max Lucado. I have read many of his children’s stories, including all of his Wemmick stories, and several Spiritual Growth and Christian Thoughts books. I was happy to have the opportunity to read When God Whispers Your Name. In this book, like many of his others, Lucado gives you a glimpse into his own lives and the lives of those around him whom he has had the opportunity to minister to and some who have written to him specifically.

Lucado writes very brief chapters in this book, which is his overall goal; because he knows that our time is precious to us. Because of the brevity of these chapters, it not only makes the reading very easy, but it also allows you to instantly reflect on what he is saying and to take something away from each chapter without being bombarded by fact after fact. I had several chapters that I bookmarked in order to go back to when I want something specific to read or when I want to use the book as a book study or devotional. This is also possible, because included with the book are discussion questions, verses to look up, and thoughts to pray about related to the book.

As always, Lucado never disappoints. I am heading back to download another of his!

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Monday, October 24, 2011


So, I find it interesting that I have time to write reviews but nothing else! This is because I have to get out all of my frustrations at the gym, and what better way to get some reading in than on my Kindle on a treadmill! So, here is another one!

By: Jon S. Lewis

Invasion by Jon S. Lewis was a thrilling comic book-like tale. When I first had the book downloaded, it was downloaded to the end of the book. So I decided to flip through the last few pages, they were sketches of some of the “alien type” characters from the book. My initial thought was “What have I gotten myself into? This isn’t my type of book.” And truly, it wasn’t, however, I was very pleased with the story line and the opportunity to read it.

The story opens with Colt going to a military academy that he is unaware of, and his dad gives him no information on. Then, Colt loses his parents in a car accident and has to move to Arizona to live with his grandfather. Colt reconnects with one of his childhood best friends, Danielle, and quickly makes a new friend, Oz, whose father runs the CHAOS academy that Colt attended. Colt is completely out of the loop on things, yet is the most promising student from the academy. It helps that his entire family was CHAOS trained, and his grandpa was/is a legend. Events begin to take place that force Colt to ask questions, and then answers are found and the thrilling tale begins.

This book truly kept my attention and I was interested to keep reading. I found it odd that the author made a big deal about the military academy in the beginning, but Colt never went back. I am sure this will take place in one of the next books since he will be older. I look forward to the opportunity to continue the series in the near future.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Very Engaging!

Lonestar Angel
By: Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble is a new author to me and her book Lonestar Angel was amazing! I really enjoyed the plot of the story and the many twists and turns that the story seemed to take. It was one where you could predict the outcomes but then had to change your mind because something else would come up to change your prediction. And, surprisingly enough, none of my predictions were true, which made it very enjoyable from cover to cover!

Eden is in the middle of getting a marriage proposal from Kent, when her “ex-husband” comes to their table and shows them a picture of their daughter (with a note) whom they thought was dead five years ago. It appears as though she is still alive and attending a camp at a ranch in Texas with other girls that are in the foster system. Clay, Eden’s “ex-husband” gives here the good or bad news that they are still married and she needs to come with him. She forgets about the marriage proposal and goes with Clay. They end up becoming counselors at this camp so they can be close to all five foster girls and so they can try to figure out which girl is their lost daughter.

With different twists and turns along the way, Eden suddenly becomes the target and has murder attempts against her. Clay will do anything to not only save her but find their daughter, even when Eden resists him.

This truly is a story about how God’s love never fails and how he is always in control of our lives even when we think he is deserting us.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summer Reading Continued... :)

Well as some of you know, my father requested that I read all of his favorite books, The Kent Family Chronicles before he dies. HAHA.... I certainly did just that and with LOTS of time to spare! :) In my most recent book review, I had the opportunity to read a Civil War Novel (love story) and was able to connect some of the knowledge I learned from The Kent Family Chronicles to this story....Dad would be soo proud! :)

His Steadfast Love
By: Golden Keyes Parsons

When I start a book that I don’t want to put down, that usually is a GOOD sign! I loved reading His Steadfast Love by Golden Keyes Parsons. This is a Civil War Novel that intertwines the concept of war with the concept of God’s never failing love. This story is a good reminder for anyone who might be struggling with their commitment to the Lord, their faith, or just their understanding of how great God’s love is for each of us.

Amanda Belle is a Southern woman who meets a Union Officer before the Civil War begins as he is stationed in Texas for a short time. He (Kent Littlefield) gets to know her family and inevitably falls in love with Amanda. He declares that he will come back for her and wishes to write her as well as get her father’s blessing, except that her father does not agree due to him being a Union Officer. Amanda and Kent correspond in secret until Amanda’s father passes away. Not only does the story focus on their love for each other, but it also focuses on aspects of the Civil War, and the main reason for all the fighting. The South wants the “choice” to keep their slaves without being bothered, and the North wants to end slavery completely. We see how Amanda is changed by the war (not that she was hard on her slaves, in fact she and her siblings had a very unique relationship with their slaves), and becomes devoted to her beloved Kent, even if it meant going against her brother Daniel, who also fought in the war, on the Confederate side.

As God’s message of love and forgiveness are woven into this story, so do the characters that Parsons writes about develop. It is an enjoyable story of love and commitment to your country and your family. I look forward to reading many more books by Golden Keyes Parsons!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Favorite Author Delivers!

Waiting for Morning
By: Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors, and I was thrilled to see a book available by her! Waiting for Morning was an amazingly written story about the power of forgiveness and God’s mercy and grace.

Tom Ryan and his two daughters, Alicia and Jenny are on their way home from a camping trip when they are hit by a drunk driver. Tom and Alicia are killed almost instantly, leaving Jenny and her mom, Hannah Ryan left to face the consequences of the drunk driver. Kingsbury delivers a powerful message throughout this story and writes with such passion that you feel you are part of the lives of the Ryan family. While Hannah struggles with her anger over the situation and her hatred for Bryan Wesley, her daughter struggles with the fact that she is left with a mom who just doesn’t seem to care for her anymore.

I recommend this book and any book by Karen Kingsbury. She gets you involved with each character and writes in such a way that you feel you know them personally. Kingsbury has written a powerful message on the implications of drunk driving, but even more powerful, the message of forgiveness not only for each other and our faults, but forgiveness from God. As part of the Forever Faithful series, this is book number one with two others that follow suit on how our Lord and Savior is first and foremost forever faithful in our lives.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love Stories...Make me Happy... :)

Yeah! Another love story to read! :)

The Wonder of Your Love (Land of Canaan Series #2)

The Wonder of Your Love
By: Beth Wiseman

I really enjoyed reading The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman. This novel is based on the Amish, and with any other Amish story I have read, it was very predictable, yet enjoyable. I was engaged from the very beginning because the characters are very believable and we are welcomed into their community from the start.

Katie Ann is a new mother and recently became single, however, it is not in the Amish Heritage to divorce. Her husband left her for another woman, did not know she was pregnant, and passed away before The Wonder of Your Love began. Martha, Katie Ann’s best friend is a true character! I just loved the fun that she brought to the novel, being that she was an English woman, and not Amish. If she had something to say, she let you know what was on her mind! Eli, a man who has just finished raising his children and is ready to travel and be independent, also finds love that he is unsure of, love for Katie Ann.

The story continues to unfold as we see Katie Ann and Eli figure out their relationship, with help from everyone around them. If you enjoy a love story….this is a good one!

I received this book from Booksneeze. I did not receive compensation for my thoughts.