Wednesday, February 22, 2012

God Gave Us Love

God Gave Us Love
God Gave Us Love
By: Lisa Tawn Bergren

A good reminder of Gods's Love.

God Gave Us Love By Lisa Tawn Bergren is a sweet story about a little cub asking a lot of really good questions to her Grandpa.

Little Cub is curious why she has to love the otters. So she starts to ask “What is love?” Grandpa explains that love comes from God, God is love, and God is the one who created us to love. Grandpa then goes into different examples from Little Cubs life of when she should show love because God has given her love to show.

Overall, the story is sweet and has a good simple message for young readers. I thought that pages of the story jumped rather quickly, but the author seemed to want to get several messages about love across in a short picture book. The illustrations are sweet with mellow colors that are not over stimulating. I also enjoyed the fact that it was Grandpa explaining what love is. Not all children grow up with their parents, so this is a sweet way for children to feel loved when reading this book.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program for my honest thoughts.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Past Valentine's Post

So I know Valentine's Day is past but I just had to post a picture of my gorgeous flowers and yum-e chocolate covered strawberries. Such a thoughtful gift from my hubby...and quite unexpected! Always the best kind of gifts! :)

These were sooooo good! There were four and then I decided I better capture the picture before they were all gone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Papa Moose-ism #2

So today was one of the worst days I've had at school in awhile....the kids didn't listen and it felt like I was repeating the same thing over and over again.

It made me think of something my dad always said to me when I talked about how much I hated working with him. (This never made him happy by the way.) He would tell me that I should never quit the job I have until I have another one. This was good advice....certainly hard to take on days like today...but I am looking elsewhere for that I think I will be good at...stuff involving fitness...I'll keep you posted.

Love you PapaMoose....Thanks for 26 years of good advice.

Good Read

Beauty for Ashes
By: Dorothy Love

Beauty for Ashes by Dorothy Love was enjoyable. This book takes place in the years that followed the Civil War. Amidst depression and heartache, love still is able to find a way.

Carrie Daly, a widow, lives in Hickory Ridge with her brother, where they tend to their farm. Carrie Daly is “promised” to marry Nate Chastain, however, the timing always seems off and she can never seem to set a date for the wedding. Everyone in town thinks and knows it will happen. Everyone in town loves the idea of them getting married, until Carrie meets a traveler, Griffin Rutledge, who “rocks her world” so to speak. They meet the day before her brothers wedding to whom other but “Cruela DeVille” a nice modern day term for Mary.

Shortly after the wedding, Carrie leaves the farm knowing that she doesn’t have a place anymore and knowing that she will not be able to handle living there with Mary’s boys whom terrorize her in every way. She begins to build a friendship with Griff and begins to lose Nate. Her heart doesn’t know what to do or think and she begins to lose hope, especially when her brother leaves to find work, Mary becomes pregnant, and Carrie has to come back home to work the farm and care for Mary and her boys.

Carrie does everything for everyone else and doesn’t receive much in return. Eventually she finds love in several different ways, much different than she ever expected.

I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze for my honest thoughts.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

PapaMoose-ism Number 1

My dad used to say a lot of interesting things. Some silly, some serious. He always joked that he would write them down...I told him he better hurry. Well, unfortunately for me, it never happened, so I want to try to remember some of those things.

Here is the first. I was just eating a banana, and my dad always said "Did you know Bananas may be natures most perfect fruit?"

Now, I am not the only person he would tell this to. My friend Kacie, who went on a cruise with my parents, and our friend JJ heard this every morning from my dad. Needless to say, when JJ, who was living in Reno at the time, would write an email to my dad, he always signed it JJ McDonald III, and DYKBMBNMPF. Yes, these letters stand for "Did you know Bananas may be natures most perfect fruit." Haha...this was a fun story to hear from my dad, hope you enjoyed it as well.

Love you PapaMoose.

Friday, February 3, 2012

In Loving Memory of My PapaMoose

The tears are still coming and I am sure they will come for days, weeks, months, and years. On January 25, I lost my beloved father, my PapaMoose. He always called me his Moosie and it just stuck through middle school, high school, college, and LIFE. I am grateful to friends and family that have shared such wonderful memories of my father with me and my family. I will treasure these memories forever and ever. I was blessed to have known my dad for 26 years. While I wish it was longer, I know that he will hold a most special and sacred place in my heart. I will write more of him in later posts, not only to honor his memory, but also to remind me of his love and joy. I love you daddy.
This is a picture of me on my dad's shoulders.
Always laughing...My dad always wanted people to smile and laugh everyday. He knew it was the best medicine.
Well this was one of our worst trips...but it makes me laugh to see how big we are smiling in COLD Alaska!
My dad on one of his trips with mom. What a gorgeous background, and what a wonderful man.
My mom and dad...being silly. Not sure what they are drinking...Happy Juice!

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold
By: Robin Lee Hatcher

Heart of Gold by Robin Lee Hatcher was a good read. However, I had a difficult time with some parts of it concerning death. It always seems to happen that when some tragedy happens in my life, the book I am reading either closely resembles it or gives me some insight into the Lord’s will. This book did a little of both. I was quite pleased with the scripture passages that were present throughout the book. Passages that remind us of God’s faithfulness.

Shannon Adair and her father move from Virginia to Idaho so that her father can pastor a church. Shannon grew up in the south and therefore loves the south, however, the war is in full swing, so it is quite remarkable they get out when they did. Matthew Dubois is a Wells Fargo Driver and has a sister and nephew who are coming to live with him in Idaho for awhile. His sister, Alice, is suffering and is close to death. When they arrive in Idaho, Shannon, who is a trained nurse, cares for Alice and she and Matthew become close.

In this story, there is not much of a climax, however, the plot and the characters are well developed. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more…as always!

I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze for my honest opinion.