Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meet the New Kinder Teacher!

Well if you haven't heard yet....I'm teaching Kindergarten this year!

I have struggled with teaching for the last two years, thinking this isn't what I want to do...but after all my complaining and grumbling...I think I have fallen in love again....

This is what it should have been like from the beginning! I AM SO EXCITED for the school year! I got to meet about 24 of my little Kinder friends yesterday, and I can honestly say my cheeks hurt after smiling so much!

There will be songs to sing and letters to learn! It will be a BIG change, but I am looking forward to it. So, here I to write some amazing lessons for what is sure to be an amazing year! :)

Stumbling into GOD's Grace

Stumbling Into Grace: Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman by Lisa Harper: Book Cover

Stumbling Into Grace-Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman
By: Lisa Harper

Witty and Fun, Stumbling Into Grace, written by Lisa Harper, keeps you engaged as you read through tales and stories that are real as well as Gospel accounts. Lisa Harper has a way of writing that is fun and engaging. When you think you have read all the stories there are to read about Jesus, here is one more take/angle on it. Lisa Harper first engages the reader with a tale of her own. Sometimes about others, but mostly about her, which really captures you as the reader. You gain an understanding that we all make mistakes, but that our Savior is in fact there to lift us up from those mistakes by His Grace.

There were a few chapters that were not as engaging for me, simply because I didn’t see the correlation between the “tale” as I like to call it that you read first with the Gospel account that you read second. However, there were other chapters that I have dog-eared to go back and read and to really take the time to make it a devotional setting for myself.

Lisa Harper includes a prayer and questions as well as a journal entry prompt. All of which are great to do as a devotional for yourself or with a group. I think this would make a great group Bible Study as there can be a lot of conversations about how we stumble, but by God’s Grace alone we are given a second chance.

I would love to read more books by Lisa Harper. She reminds me of Liz Curtis Higgs in many ways. Only through Booksneeze would I have had the great opportunity to read these two amazing authors! Not to mention the SUPER CUTE cover of this book!

I did not receive compensation for my thought. I received Stumbling Into Grace from Booksneeze.