Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Color of Hope

The Color Hope by Kim Cash Tate is a continuation from another book titled Hope Springs. 

I really enjoy reading books of this nature that discuss the trials of the color barrier. The hardship that the characters face in the book remind me that my hardships are not always so bad. They also remind me to be thoughtful of those around me and to judge less and seek The Lord and His ways more than my own. 

This book has many characters, it is a blending of one large family and two churches, one white and one black. The pastors of both churches e very young and have some great ideas for getting the community to be more conducive to each other and to "blend" so to speak. However, the elders (more so the white church than the black church) have a difficult time dealing with this. 

There are other issues that Tate addresses in this book. Hatred for mix races, popularity and the unpopular, dating one of a different race, and just everyday issues that we all face in life. 

Tate does a remarkable job of blending it all together and creating a solid yet enjoyable read.