Saturday, December 21, 2013

Forever friday

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis was a wonderful read! I was pleasantly surprised at how the story and characters developed to make for a fun and unique read.

Huck, a newly engaged lady, has a chance meeting in the market with Gabe. They have an interchange, one that neither of them forget. Because of this, they look for each other in hopes that they will talk again. When they do finally meet again, several months later, it is like they have known each other their whole life, soul mates.

They marry, not without difficulties early on from the previous fiancé, and early on Gabe promises to send Huck a postcard every Friday with a poem. These postcards are found by Adam, an executor of their estate, who chooses to write their story. Along the way, he learns what it means to love for a lifetime, and how to love again.

This was a very fun, encouraging story, reminding us of how to make love last.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Redeeming Love...Love it!

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love
By: Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers writes with such clarity in all her books. I have had the great privilege of reading her Mark of the Lion Series and now Redeeming Love. She is one fabulous Christian author!

We learn about Sarah early on, a young girl whose mother loves her, ready to meet her father for the first time. However, her father wants nothing to do with her because she is illegitimate, and he already has children of is own at home. Sarah is sent away the next time he comes, and learns then the truth about men from her nanny.her mother is rejected, because sick and later dies leaving Sarah in her uncles care. What is a man to do during these hard times to take care of a little girl? Well sell her of course, to the one man who literally will destroy her, her mind, and her heart.

Angel, a prostitute in a brothel in Pair a Dice works long hours and doesn't see Ny of he money she has earned. The duchess keeps it in a safe place of course. Michael Hosea, a farmer, selling goods to a store owner sees Angel one day and hears from The Lord that this is the woman he ins supposed to marry. Using up his hard earned money, he visits Angel many talk...and get under her skin. Eventually, The Lord speaks to him enough that he takes her out of the brothel after she is beaten, marries her, and nurses her back to health. Se is reluctant to stay with him, even though they are married and she runs away, back to the only life she has ever known. Yet, Michael goes after her. Again, and again, and again.

The story is loosely based off of the book of Hosea from the Bible.  It is a beautiful I true for Gods children of his love and rescue. He will come for us, and he will see us saved.

I don't want to give any of this book away, it is one of the most incredible reads ever! Thank you for the opportunity to read this book!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barefoot Summer

Barefoot Summer
By: Denise Hunter
Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter was a book I did not want to put down! It was a book with twists and turns and just when you thought you knew how something would end, Hunter would twist the plot in such a way to keep you reading. Love it!

Madison, a vet, a twin, daughter in a wealthy family, appears to have it all on the outside. However, nightmares befall her nightly, and she keeps messing up at work due to a lack of sleep, not to mention her youngest sister has more or less disappeared and the family doesn't know where she has gone or why she left.

Beckett, a sailor, son of a drunk, has a descent life, but knows something is missing.

Madison wants to learn to sail in an attempt to stop her nightmares by successfully winning the towns regatta in honor of her brother who dies ten years ago. Beckett ends up helping her and feelings that have been pushed aside for years begin to come through.

There is so much to say about the characters and the plot, but I don't want to give anything away! Hunter does a truly incredible job at weaving the lives of these characters together with their joys and problems. The reminder that God loves and forgives is prevalent throughout the book. Always a reminder to take to heart.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Once Upon A Prince

Once Upon a Prince

Once Upon A Prince
By: Rachel Hauck
Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck was one romantic love story I didn't want to put down! Beautifully written, full of culture and history, it was the perfect blend. As with other books I have written by Hauck, I was immersed in the book from the very beginning.

Susanna, a woman from Georgia thinks she has life figured out, a plan of all plans. Her military man will come home from deployment and after 12 years of being together he would finally propose! Or so, Susanna thought.

Nate Kenneth, in Georgia on holiday from Brighton Kingdom, is visiting his cousin and decides to get out for a bit. Meeting Susanna at Lover's Oak after her breakup was not a coincidence, but truly ordained by God. The two enjoy some time together and learn a bit more about each other, but not everything.

Susanna, a struggling landscape architect hopes to find work in all the right places, yet is looking in all the wrong places. Nate and Susanna's friendship grows when he asks her to fix and landscape his father's garden in Georgia. Suddenly, Nate must go home, and both pine and long for one another 4,000 miles away.

A tale of romance and finding yourself. I truly enjoyed this novel by Rachel Hauck.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wishing on Willows

Wishing on Willows: A Novel

Wishing on Willows
By: Katie Ganshert
I have found a new favorite author! Katie Ganshert sure knows how to deliver a power-packed book! I enjoyed her first book, Wildflowers From Winter, and I enjoyed my most recent read of Wishing on Willows.

Robin, a widowed single mother, lives and owns a cafe called Willow Tree. She has a few workers and a few customers and loves to play the piano that was given to her by her mother. Ian, a development contractor, who works for his father out of Peoria, has been called by the mayor of Peaks to build condominiums. Due to the recession Peaks has to had a lot of people coming to town, and Ian's father's business isn't doing so well either. Ian needs to make the sale for the development of these condominiums in order to help his father's company and redeem himself in the eyes of his father. However, there is one person standing in his way, Robin.

As Ian gets to know the town and the people living there, he comes to feel a sense of home there, except for the one person standing in his way whom he also is starting to get feelings for. Through the experiences of working with such an intimate town and seeing how family sticks together Ian learns more about himself and so does Robin.

Ganshert really knows how to write a conclusion as well. She gives you just enough and allows your imagination to fill in all the missing pieces, which I love.

I am excited to read more books by Katie Ganshert. She writes like all of my favorite authors and keeps me interested to the very end.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Heiress of Winterwood

The Heiress of Winterwood

The Heiress of Winterwood
By: Sarah E. Ladd
I loved reading The Heiress of Winterwood, by Sarah E. Ladd. The story begins with Amelia Barrett taking care of a woman who has been living at Winterwood, Amelia's Home. Kathryn, a very sick woman, just had a baby named Lucy. Her husband, Captain Graham Sterling, was away at sea during this time. As Kathryn's life came to an end, she made Amelia promise that itching would happen to her lucky, that she would care for Lucy as her own child. Amelia fully intended to do just that.

As the story progresses, Amelia is engaged to a man, Edward Littleton, who is working with her uncle and the Barrett Trading Company. Edward is adamant about Lucy being gone once he and Amelia marry, but Amelia is less than fond of this idea. She also knows that by the age of 24 if she has not married she will not receiver her inheritance, nor will she be able to keep her status and home at Winterwood. She therefore comes up with a plan to end the engagement with Edward, and propose to captain sterling, Lucy's father, when he arrives from sea to see his child for the first time.

Events occur thought this book that keep you guessing and keep you engaged in the story. There were a few parts in the beginning that were a little slow, but the plot quickly thickened and I was engaged in the story from then on. This was the first of Ladd's books thatI have read, and I hope to read more from her Whispers on the Moors series, as this was book one.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Color of Hope

The Color Hope by Kim Cash Tate is a continuation from another book titled Hope Springs. 

I really enjoy reading books of this nature that discuss the trials of the color barrier. The hardship that the characters face in the book remind me that my hardships are not always so bad. They also remind me to be thoughtful of those around me and to judge less and seek The Lord and His ways more than my own. 

This book has many characters, it is a blending of one large family and two churches, one white and one black. The pastors of both churches e very young and have some great ideas for getting the community to be more conducive to each other and to "blend" so to speak. However, the elders (more so the white church than the black church) have a difficult time dealing with this. 

There are other issues that Tate addresses in this book. Hatred for mix races, popularity and the unpopular, dating one of a different race, and just everyday issues that we all face in life. 

Tate does a remarkable job of blending it all together and creating a solid yet enjoyable read. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Young Adult Novel

Right Where I Belong 
By Krista McGee

Right Where I Belong, by Krista McGee is a fun young adult novel about following the plans God has set out for you. Natalia, a high school senior leaves her home country to go live with her ex step mother in the United States. 

Natalia decides early on that she is in the United States to be with Maureen, to get an education, especially bible class, to be away from her parents who insist that she should not throw away her life and education on a job that won't provide, and more than anything, to not date!

Natalia meets some great friends who help her acclimate to her surroundings and help her as she is unable to help Maureen cope with her grief. These friends, are characters from other books by Krista McGee which I though was a fun, unique way to write the story. 

I really enjoyed reading this story as a simple love story and with the hidden gems about our  Lord that are always encouraging to hear. I have enjoyed the other novels by Krista McGee and would recommend them, especially to young adults. 

Thank you Booksneeze for the opportunity. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Echoes Glenbrooke Series Number 3

Echoes: Book 3 in the Glenbrooke Series
By: Robin Jones Gunn
Echos, the third book in the Glenbrooke series was a fun sexual to the plot that started in book one, Secrets. The majority of the story did not involve any of the characters from book one until closer to the end, which allowed for a really nice twist and really brought the Story based in Glenbrooke together.

Lauren, at the start of the book is engaged and will soon be married to Jeff. However, he turns about to be a very different man than she became engaged to and broke off the engagement when an offer to move and work in New York presented itself. Lauren, heartbroken, did not know what to do or what to think.

Her brother came, bearing gifts, most useful to her was the computer he installed, and she began a correspondence with K.C.. Over the course of a year they shared many things, including poetry by their favorite authors and a shared book on scripture. Lauren had fallen in love and eventually, K.C. Asked if they could meet. Lauren, unsure of the relationship for the first time was hesitant.

As mentioned, this book series has a really fun plot, and in order to find out what happens to Lauren, this book is a must read, especially if you have read book one, Secrets. I have not had the chance to read book two, but it was not necessary as each book has their own plots and stories, the characters are simply woven throughout which I think is very fun! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Secrets a Novel

By Robin Jones Gunn
Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn was a very fun story to read. Gunn did a great job developing the characters from the beginning of this story. Jessica, a woman on the run, from what we don’t know, gets into a terrible accident on her way to Glenbrook, a small town in Oregon. She is rescued by Kyle, a fireman, and whisked off to the hospital. When she comes around, she realizes that she has just begun her new life, in her new town, and absolutely nothing is going right. She has $12.00 to her name when she leaves the hospital, and a house to rent that she has never seen nor does she know where it is.
Jessica has a job to be a teacher at the high school, but from day one the new principal of the school has it out for her. Jessica has to defend herself daily to this principal while keeping her secrets from others around her. She begins to form a relationship with some of the students and travels with them to Mexico to work at an orphanage building a church. It is here, where she accepts the Lord as her Savior, and begins to open her eyes to the secrets she is holding onto in her life.
Secrets is well written, however, when I found out what the secret actually was, I felt a little let down. The chemistry between the characters was fun to read about though and the overall storyline was good.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Hours One Friday

Six Hours One Friday
By: Max Lucado
I love reading books by Max Lucado, and Six Hours One Friday, is no exception! Lucado writes this book in three sections, which he calls Anchor Points. Anchor Point number 1 is titled “My life is not futile”, Anchor Point number 2 is titled “My failures are not fatal” and Anchor Point number three is titled “My death is not final”. Each anchor point gives you an opportunity to evaluate your own life to see how sturdy your faith is when faced with one of the three storms Storm of futility, Storm of Failure, and Storm of Finality. But, Lucado reminds us through God’s word that we do not have to face these monsters or storms alone. There is One who tackled them already. There is One who made a way. There is One who spent six hours on a cross one Friday.
Lucado writes in the most amazing way to make you feel as though he were writing to you and you alone. He writes so that you listen. He writes so that you understand. And he writes so that you come to know your Maker in a meaningful and personal way.
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to read this book. Lucado takes stories from the Bible and illustrates them in his own language. It is truly amazing to read and to simply become immersed in all the good things God has for your life. Thank you Booksneeze for this opportunity to read a book by one of my favorite authors!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action
By: Nick Vujicic
 Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic was written very well and with great purpose, but read much like a self-help book. I was not expecting this at all when I first decided to read this book.
As mentioned, the book was written very well. Nick Vujicic had many wonderful things to say about Faith and believing that God is good and that God has a plan. Overall, the writing felt repetitive at times. It was definitely geared toward those who are disabled but anyone can glean some new knowledge and affirmation about our gracious Lord by reading this. The message conveyed in this book is powerful, knowing that God can use you where you are as long as you have Faith and are willing to put Faith in action.
A great verse to be left with is 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”
God gives comfort, and God calls us to comfort others in need. This is Nick Vujicic’s true message for writing the book Unstoppable.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dirty God...Full of Grace

Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches
Dirty God
By: Johnnie Moore

After reading Dirty God, by Johnnie Moore I felt quite refreshed! Which at this point in my life has been a good thing. Following is a short blurb about the intention of this book:

In Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches, Johnnie Moore draws on both Scripture and his extensive experience with other cultures and religions to show how the God of the Bible is unique in his willingness to be near us in all of our messiness. Moore outlines the central importance of the doctrine of grace while introducing readers to a humble and human Jesus who reaches out to us at our worst and pulls us up to our best.

Johnnie Moore focused on Grace, how it is given by God and therefore needs to be given by us. When a book focuses on Grace, I am more or less hooked, because I know that I, a sinner, am in need of great grace; not only from God but from those around me.

It was difficult for me to get started with this book. The opening chapter did not do much to hook me in, however, after reading several more chapters I saw its’ significance. This book had many references to scripture and other authors.  I have found in the last few months that this is critical for someone who is writing a book about God. I want to know where the facts are coming from; I want to know which credible authors they are quoting and so on. I found this to be very good in that respect.

I liked the way Johnnie Moore wrote this book. Each chapter was broken into sections that flowed very well. It was also written in a way that you could understand and also think about what was being said. This was the first book I have read that was written by Johnnie Moore and I look forward to more. Thank you Booksneeze for the opportunity to review this book.