Monday, July 28, 2014

Katie Ganshert Strikes Again!

A Broken Kind of Beautiful: A Novel
A Broken Kind of Beautiful
By: Katie Ganshert 

Katie Ganshert, author of A Broken Kind of Beautiful, has struck again with yet another wonderful read. I have read two of her books previously, and I absolutely love the way she writes, the way she develops her characters and her plot.

Ivy Clark is a model who has a past, a relatively deep, dark, and difficult one. Davis Knight, an old friend, has hidden from his camera for two years after an incident occurred with his sister, Sarah.

Ivy has a difficult time getting modeling gigs. However, her aunt, Marilyn wants her as a model for her bridal store, Something New. She brings Ivy to Greenbriar for the photo shoot, and Ivy learns a little bit more about who she is and where she came from. She also learns, most importantly that she is a child of God, and that while she thought no one else loved her, she has always been loved by the One True Lover of all His children.

A beautiful story of hope, love, redemption, and finding yourself as God's child.