Friday, October 26, 2012

Lovelier than Daylight Novel

Lovelier than Daylight: The Saddler's Legacy
By: Rosslyn Elliot
Lovelier than Daylight: The Saddler’s Legacy, by Rosslyn Elliot takes place during the Westerville Whiskey Wars of 1875 and 1879. I enjoyed reading this Historical Fictional book as I am not much of a history lover, and this helps me to learn a bit of history in a fun way.
Susanna Hanby is on her way to live with her aunt and uncle in Westerville in order to attend college. She stops to see her sister, Rachel, and finds an empty house. Rachel’s husband, George, a drunk, tells Susanna that Rachel had become a loose woman, took the children to a children’s home and left. Susanna, not believing a word of it leaves to track down the children and her sister.
In Westerville, she meets Johann Giere, a German, whose father makes Lager. She is so outraged by what has happened to her sister and her family because of drink, that she can not stand Mr. Giere and gives him “the cold shoulder”.
The town has many disruptions as a saloon is about to be opened. Many towns members can not stand the thought of having this saloon active in their town and they try to do everything in their power to force the saloon owner out.
Johann works to help Susanna see that Lager, what his father makes is not as bad as whiskey in order to “win her over to his side”. Susanna simply tries to get the children back no matter what it takes.
The book is very well written and definitely addresses issues of that time. At times I felt that the story moved a bit slowly, however, it was still enjoyable. I enjoyed reading this story, just as I enjoyed the first book in the Saddler’s Legacy by Rosslyn Elliot. Thank you Booksneeze for the opportunity to read this book..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I have been LOVING this Football season!
The Irish are now 6-0! Their defensive line have not let a touchdown be scored since the season started! SO AMAZING! The BCS Bowl Standings come out this week too!
It has just been so much fun to watch! Can't wait for my trip to Bostom in November to see them pounce on BC! :)

The Girl in the Glass Review

The Girl in the Glass
The Girl in the Glass
By: Susan Meissner
The Girl in the Glass was a beautifully written story. I loved the plot and the surprise of it all. The characters in this story were well developed from start to finish.
Meg, works for a Travel book publishing company and has dreamed of visiting Florence, with her father. Due to circumstances beyond her control she gets to Florence on a whim and is able to meet up with Sofia, a woman who is attempting to get a Memoir on her life in Florence published and one of her Photographers for the Florence travel books, Lorenzo. Meg has the time of her life in Florence, seeing places and images that she has longed to see her entire life.
There are many challenges and obstacles that Meg, Sofia, and the book begin to face. The story unravels in interesting and unique ways.
The only thing that I did not enjoy about this book was the way the digital copy came through on my Kindle. It made reading parts of the story difficult as many words were squished together. I am sure this was just a digital copy error, and did not hinder the actual enjoyment of the story.
This was truly a great story to read. Can't wait till I get to go to Florence! :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Starring Me Book Review

Starring Me
By: Krista McGee
Starring Me, by Krista McGee was such a fun read! It was definitely written for the younger generation, teens and young adults, but I truly enjoyed it. When you have a busy schedule and just need something fun to read, it is nice to be able to pick up a book like this that is fun, fresh, and easy!
Kara McCormick (also a character in the First Date, starring Kara‘s friend Addy Davidson, which I read and enjoyed) is trying to get started with an acting career and has the opportunity of a lifetime to do so with a new Comedy Show. When she gets the chance to audition, she heads to Florida (home of her friend Addy) and begins the audition with many girls who have their noses stuck up in the air (to put it nicely). Kara stays true to herself throughout the auditions, and never gets a “big head”.
Chad Beacon, who just won America’s Next Star, a singing competition similar to American Idol is going to be the male lead in this new comedy show, even though many say he is throwing away his career. His parents want a Christian girl to be his co-star, and the search begins.
With whit and humor, the book unfolds. I was able to make pretty solid predictions throughout, however, I was engaged in the story the entire time. The characters are very enjoyable and you find yourself wanting the best for each of the characters.
I don’t want to give anything away. If you want a fun read or have a teenager who simply is searching for a newfound relationship with God, this is a great book for you or them.
Thank you Booksneeze for the opportunity to read this book.