Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Secrets a Novel

By Robin Jones Gunn
Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn was a very fun story to read. Gunn did a great job developing the characters from the beginning of this story. Jessica, a woman on the run, from what we don’t know, gets into a terrible accident on her way to Glenbrook, a small town in Oregon. She is rescued by Kyle, a fireman, and whisked off to the hospital. When she comes around, she realizes that she has just begun her new life, in her new town, and absolutely nothing is going right. She has $12.00 to her name when she leaves the hospital, and a house to rent that she has never seen nor does she know where it is.
Jessica has a job to be a teacher at the high school, but from day one the new principal of the school has it out for her. Jessica has to defend herself daily to this principal while keeping her secrets from others around her. She begins to form a relationship with some of the students and travels with them to Mexico to work at an orphanage building a church. It is here, where she accepts the Lord as her Savior, and begins to open her eyes to the secrets she is holding onto in her life.
Secrets is well written, however, when I found out what the secret actually was, I felt a little let down. The chemistry between the characters was fun to read about though and the overall storyline was good.