Monday, July 11, 2011

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 Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs

Bad Girls of the Bible

By: Liz Curtis Higgs

I absolutely love the summer months because it gives me the opportunity to read, ReAd, READ! After finishing yet another of my dad’s Kent Family Chronicles, and a library book by my favorite author, my new freebie book arrived, from Blogging for Books (by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group)….and once again…I like it!

Bad Girls of the Bible, by Liz Curtis Higgs, looks at 10 women from the Bible that we as humans would label “Bad”. I read one other book by Lix Curtis Higgs, Mine is the Night and absolutely loved it. This book has a much different “personality” but is great!

Liz Curtis Higgs takes each woman’s story and begins with a fictional story that we can all relate to. Something that we have either “read before” or have “seen in a movie” or may have “had happen to us”. She wants us to see that these women from the Bible are just like us, but even if they didn’t, we can learn a lesson from them.

After writing a fictional story of each woman, Liz Curtis Higgs then takes the passage from the Bible and breaks it down for us. She lets us in on insights that she has had or that other researchers have thought of. She also uses a quirky way of getting her message across which I found delightfully entertaining! Finally, she talks about lessons we can learn from each “Bad Girl” and some thoughts to consider, which is great for a discussion with a book study or just with friends.

I think I might be finding a new author that I really enjoy! Add that to the list of great things accomplished this summer!

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