Monday, June 28, 2010

Haha...Watermelon Cake Mistake!

So I have decided that I am not a cake decorator! I am very good at making dessert, but the decorating part is HARD! So I will just stick to things I can do well! Here are some pictures of my sad attempt. I started out just fine....Icing the base was easy....well kinda. My only thought the whole time was, how am I going to put this up and ice the bottom?

Then I started to do the colors...that went ok too.

But then it went down hill from there. I noticed a little crack in my cake that I had already iced. And I also remembered that I needed to rotate it so that it would be sitting on the green rind. This did not work...and my fingers were full of icing. But hey, I love icing!

Finally, I just gave up on it. I have still half a cake that i just ended up icing with the pink and green. But it does look better when you get some raisins on there in place of seeds!

So, I guess it turned out kinda ok. I did not get it standing straight up and it really doesn't look like the picture. It was fun and frustrating to do. If you feel like giving it a is just a cake mix and then icing. Actually, you are also supposed to use a pack of pudding...maybe that is where I went wrong... :)

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