Monday, June 21, 2010

Surprise....Birthday Happiness

So...yesterday, Father's day was also my birthday! I turned a quarter of a century old...or 25 for those of you who don't know! :)

I received two great phone calls. One from Mareike in Germany...hopefully we didn't talk too long since her father was paying for the phone call. And one from Megan...we never miss calling each other on our birthdays and even though she was in an airport flying back to Indy from Cabo...she still remembered to call. Friendship is a blessing from God! :)

Growing up I never once had a surprise party...but this mom surprised me with an awesome BBQ bash! Thanks Mom!

Cheryl gave me an awesome card! It pops up and looks like a cake...the coolest card I think I have ever received!

We also played Mad Gab....given to me by fun! Who knew I would be SOOO Bad at that game.....and everyone else is SOOO good! But Bailee got the final one right.... "Leaf, Ink, Loss, Fake, Us"....Can you figure it out??

To top it all off...Jeremy surprised me with flowers...beautiful favorite!

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