Saturday, December 21, 2013

Forever friday

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis was a wonderful read! I was pleasantly surprised at how the story and characters developed to make for a fun and unique read.

Huck, a newly engaged lady, has a chance meeting in the market with Gabe. They have an interchange, one that neither of them forget. Because of this, they look for each other in hopes that they will talk again. When they do finally meet again, several months later, it is like they have known each other their whole life, soul mates.

They marry, not without difficulties early on from the previous fiancé, and early on Gabe promises to send Huck a postcard every Friday with a poem. These postcards are found by Adam, an executor of their estate, who chooses to write their story. Along the way, he learns what it means to love for a lifetime, and how to love again.

This was a very fun, encouraging story, reminding us of how to make love last.

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