Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great Read

Finding Our Way Home
Finding Our Way Home
By: Charlene Baumbich

Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Baumbich was a different kind of story of love, perseverance, friendship, and overcoming the obstacles that the Lord places in our lives.

Sasha Davis was a dancer, but not just any dancer, she was a ballet dancer, a principle dancer in one of the most prestigious academy’s in Boston. She is living in Wanoninshaw, WI now, using a wheel chair, and cooped up in a house full of sorrows. For you see, Sasha Davis took a fall at one of her performances and injured herself to the point where she is unable to dance. Therefore, because it was all she knew and because she still had many years of dance before she had to retire she is living in her mother’s old house, feeling sorrowful and alone.

Evelyn Burt, is a 20 year old who has chosen to stick around her hometown with her fiancé and do odd jobs for people as she finds her purpose in life, rather than go to college. Evelyn interviews with Ms. Davis for the job of in-home care worker and is chosen. Evelyn is extremely head strong and usually speaks what is on her mind, until it gets her in a few binds with Sasha Davis.

These two eventually become friends and have a relationship that is different than any other normal friendship or boss-employee relationship. They come to rely on each other in a way that shows God’s hand is behind it all.

I enjoyed reading this story. This was the first I have read by Carlene Baumbich and look forward to reading more as it was written very well, with great descriptions.

I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program. 

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