Monday, May 14, 2012

Arms of Love

Arms of Love
By: Kelly Long

Arms of Love by Kelly Long is not your typical Amish Story. It dealt with a lot of hardship and trials that were unexpected from traditional Amish stories you read. This made it more enjoyable, because sometimes I find that I read an Amish story and it is written the same way every time even when the author is different. However, this was not the case.

Arms of LoveThe story begins with Lena, who is taking care of her mom who is pregnant, her younger brother and younger sister. Her father is in prison for not being willing to join the army, as this is not the Amish way of life. Her mother gives birth and passes away shortly after. Her friend, and “soon-to-be-betrothed”, Adam, tries to help in whatever way he can, but Lena’s mom made him promise to leave Lena alone until he finds freedom. This truly did not make sense to me. It only added more hardship and frustration as I was reading. Adam also helped to bring a wet nurse for the new babe and he helped to bring Lena’s father back. Adam has his own inner struggles that we do not find out about until the end of the book.

For the most part this was an enjoyable read, however, I had a difficult time really getting into the book. I did “enjoy” reading about the struggles, because it seemed like one thing after another and I was able to relate to this in my own life. I feel I have had one struggle after another. So it is nice to be able to read a book that you can relate to.

I received a copy of Arms of Love from Booksneeze for my thoughts.

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