Saturday, February 4, 2012

PapaMoose-ism Number 1

My dad used to say a lot of interesting things. Some silly, some serious. He always joked that he would write them down...I told him he better hurry. Well, unfortunately for me, it never happened, so I want to try to remember some of those things.

Here is the first. I was just eating a banana, and my dad always said "Did you know Bananas may be natures most perfect fruit?"

Now, I am not the only person he would tell this to. My friend Kacie, who went on a cruise with my parents, and our friend JJ heard this every morning from my dad. Needless to say, when JJ, who was living in Reno at the time, would write an email to my dad, he always signed it JJ McDonald III, and DYKBMBNMPF. Yes, these letters stand for "Did you know Bananas may be natures most perfect fruit." Haha...this was a fun story to hear from my dad, hope you enjoyed it as well.

Love you PapaMoose.

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