Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Read

Beauty for Ashes
By: Dorothy Love

Beauty for Ashes by Dorothy Love was enjoyable. This book takes place in the years that followed the Civil War. Amidst depression and heartache, love still is able to find a way.

Carrie Daly, a widow, lives in Hickory Ridge with her brother, where they tend to their farm. Carrie Daly is “promised” to marry Nate Chastain, however, the timing always seems off and she can never seem to set a date for the wedding. Everyone in town thinks and knows it will happen. Everyone in town loves the idea of them getting married, until Carrie meets a traveler, Griffin Rutledge, who “rocks her world” so to speak. They meet the day before her brothers wedding to whom other but “Cruela DeVille” a nice modern day term for Mary.

Shortly after the wedding, Carrie leaves the farm knowing that she doesn’t have a place anymore and knowing that she will not be able to handle living there with Mary’s boys whom terrorize her in every way. She begins to build a friendship with Griff and begins to lose Nate. Her heart doesn’t know what to do or think and she begins to lose hope, especially when her brother leaves to find work, Mary becomes pregnant, and Carrie has to come back home to work the farm and care for Mary and her boys.

Carrie does everything for everyone else and doesn’t receive much in return. Eventually she finds love in several different ways, much different than she ever expected.

I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze for my honest thoughts.

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