Monday, January 2, 2012

First Date

First Date

By: Krista McGee

I enjoyed reading First Date by Krista McGee. However, I was skeptical after reading a few other reviews for the book. Honestly, I enjoy a simple romantic story. There were a few parts that I thought were very corny. But overall, the story was a quick read and an enjoyable one.

Addy is in high school, and the president’s son Jonathon Jackson is looking for a prom date for his senior prom. So, they set up a show (similar to The Bachelor) in order for Jonathon to find a prom date. He is actually doing this so that his father gets a little more publicity for his presidential ratings. Addy has absolutely no desire to be on the reality tv show, but her school was chosen to send one girl and her school also is looking for publicity as their numbers are low. Therefore, Addy is chosen, due to her strong faith in God and the fact that she is not “over the top” like all the other girls. The book portrayed a reality tv show well, basically it felt like I was reading about The Bachelor in a book form. As I said it was enjoyable and a quick read.

I believe this book could be delegated as a “children’s fiction” book for teenagers. I think that many teenagers would find parts of it relatable, and they would enjoy the storyline. It is loosely based off the book of Esther from the Bible, however, I didn’t really see too many similarities.

I received this book free from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.

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