Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul

I love singing hymns and songs of praise to my Lord, and this was a great read for that! Then Sings My Soul is a book written containing many of the hymns we sing today. It not only has the hymn on one side of the page, but it also has the story behind the hymn and translations as applicable. I have found that I appreciate many of the songs that I sing everyday a bit more after reading this.

This is also a great book to incorporate into your devotional time. I have found that it has helped me to lavish and reflect on God’s love for me as a sinner and as His child. I look forward to sharing this book with my family and friends. I also look forward to continuing to use this book in my spiritual walk.

It is amazing to think of what went into not only writing the songs but also putting them to music so that they could be used for worship. The Lord is good and we should sing and praise His name!

Disclosure: I received a review copy of Then Sings My Soul through Book Sneeze. I received no compensation for my thought.


  1. That sounds like such a good book -- I'd love to know the stories behind each hymn. You are so fast with your book reviews . . . Between booksneeze and the library, we will never have to buy books again! :)