Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Exalt You, O God!

I Exalt You, O God: Encountering His Greatness in Your Private Worship
I Exalt You, O God
By: Jerry Bridges
I Exalt You, O God, by Jerry Bridges is a devotional type book that is great for rookie and veteran Christians of any age and place in their walk with the Lord.
The book is broken into three parts. Part One is “For your Greatness, O God, I Exalt You”. This part of the book talks about the Lord’s greatness; greater than the nations, greater than nature, infinitely great, etc. It is a section of the book that really helps the reader capture God’s greatness and majesty. Part two is “For your Holiness, O God, I Exact You”. This part of the book talks about God’s holiness; his perfection, purity, luster, brilliance, mercy, etc. This part of the book helps the reader delve into the Holiness of God and really take some time to reflect on what God has done for them. Part three is “For your Wisdom, O God, I Exalt You”. This part talks about how God has orchestrated everything and He simply wants our trust. Part four is “For your Love, O Lord, I Exalt You”. This section focused on God turning his wrath aside for me, and you, because He Loves.
Each Day there is a new reading, for 31total days. A great month long devotional. The devotionals are easy to read through. As a reader, you can combine one day with additional readings from the Bible, or journal writing to reflect on each reading. Or, you can simply read the book straight through.
I enjoyed Jerry Bridges’ writing, and I am looking forward to the next book I just purchased by him! Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah’s Blogging for Books Program for a copy of this book!

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