Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Goals

So this summer I have a few things I want to accomplish and do:

1. READ, READ, READ! (I think I do this enough already!)
2. Cleaning Projects which include: Cleaning the grout. Cleaning my oven. 
3. Take a trip (You will read more about this come August when my Mom and I are going to GERMANY! 

That is about for a fun fact: It is only Day 2 of Summer Break, and I have already started on Number 2. Check out my supplies and my start below: 

You can see from this picture that I already started. Can you see the dirty grout in the lower left corner?!?

Woah! Look at that! 

No...You will not see a picture of my oven before starting! HAHA...This might take two or three rounds to get clean! :)

Yeah for cleaning and summer break! 

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