Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hope Springs

Hope Springs
Hope Springs
By Kim Tate

Hope Springs by Kim Tate was a fun read! I was actually reading two books at the same time. The other book was very “Heavy” and really made you think and reflect. This book, Hope Springs was a nice distraction! I am always grateful for a book that can take my mind off the real world and just put me at peace. Reading has always been a treasure for me and my dad, and even more so since his passing.

This book spoke volumes in terms of family relationships and friendships. It took place in the South, and while it was written in the present, some of the issues dealt with prejudices and what happens when we let what other people think about race and the world affect our own thinking. This is not uncommon today and therefore, this story was written very well to display these things.

The book also focused on finding yourself. Each person (and there were a lot of characters in this book, which made it difficult at the beginning to keep everyone straight) had their own issues to deal with. Each person had something in their past or an obstacle in their future that they had to think through and trust God to help them with. Trusting and leaning on God was pivotal for these characters, as was trusting and leaning on each other in good and bad times.

I always seem to enjoy the books I receive from Booksneeze. Thanks for another opportunity to read a good one! 

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