Monday, October 24, 2011


So, I find it interesting that I have time to write reviews but nothing else! This is because I have to get out all of my frustrations at the gym, and what better way to get some reading in than on my Kindle on a treadmill! So, here is another one!

By: Jon S. Lewis

Invasion by Jon S. Lewis was a thrilling comic book-like tale. When I first had the book downloaded, it was downloaded to the end of the book. So I decided to flip through the last few pages, they were sketches of some of the “alien type” characters from the book. My initial thought was “What have I gotten myself into? This isn’t my type of book.” And truly, it wasn’t, however, I was very pleased with the story line and the opportunity to read it.

The story opens with Colt going to a military academy that he is unaware of, and his dad gives him no information on. Then, Colt loses his parents in a car accident and has to move to Arizona to live with his grandfather. Colt reconnects with one of his childhood best friends, Danielle, and quickly makes a new friend, Oz, whose father runs the CHAOS academy that Colt attended. Colt is completely out of the loop on things, yet is the most promising student from the academy. It helps that his entire family was CHAOS trained, and his grandpa was/is a legend. Events begin to take place that force Colt to ask questions, and then answers are found and the thrilling tale begins.

This book truly kept my attention and I was interested to keep reading. I found it odd that the author made a big deal about the military academy in the beginning, but Colt never went back. I am sure this will take place in one of the next books since he will be older. I look forward to the opportunity to continue the series in the near future.

I received a copy of Invasion from Booksneeze. I did not receive compensation for my thoughts.

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