Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Ambitions

Summer is upon us and unfortunately the school year is going to be starting again, but before it does, here are just a few things I am hoping to do this summer:

1. Make an Apron (check! This one is done!)
2. Read, Read, and Read some more
3. Read books 4 and 5 of the Kent Family Chronicles (my dad's favorite...if I get 4 and 5 done, I will only have 2 more to go...whew!)
4. Hang out with friends
5. Teach, Teach, and Teach more classes at the gym (I picked up 2 aqua classes this summer and I was finally given the TKB class on Saturday morning...sooooo Excited!)
6. Work on my devotional time (this really isn't number 6, more like number 1!)
7. Lay at the pool (at least once a week is the plan...with sunscreen on of course!)
8. Clean the house?!?! (or at least organize different areas....which ones will come later)
9. Learn to Coupon and SAVE MONEY! (I am doing pretty good at this for being a newbie)
10. RELAX!!!!!

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