Saturday, September 18, 2010


With time being limited, I am jealous of friends being able to post on their blogs! I miss my summer vacation when I had all the time in the world!

But, I do have one new thing to look forward to...after 30 days of studying for my personal training exam, I passed with flying colors! I now get to start training clients....and hopefully changing lives! I am really excited about it....however, I will again have limited time for posting new things on my blog! :(

With football season here, I am thrilled to be watching the games on tv and going to the high school football games in town! My hubby coaches for Spring Valley, so they are our team of choice to root for....Go Grizzlies!

Continue to pray for me and my class this is a real challenge, but God knows his plans for me and he does not give me more than I can take (this is a lesson I am SLOWLY learning, as each day feels like I couldn't go on to save my life!)

Have a blessed day! :) GO ND!!!

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