Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Good Read

Emma of Aurora, by Jane Kirkpatrick, is a good read. It takes us through the journey of Emma Wagner Giesy and her trek across to colonize west with her husband and other scouts from Bethel, Missouri. Emma is very strong willed and must learn throughout to trust, not only herself, her husband, those around her, and the Lord. The story is well written, even though at times it seems a bit long and drawn out. At times I found it difficult to grasp the purpose of the writing, and had to remind myself it was a time in history, one in which things moved slow. It is a nice reminder, as we have such fast paced lives to sit back and dwell on how things came to be. As mentioned, Emma is very strong willed and her character is well written throughout the three books. Thanks for the opportunity to read.

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