Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Break is Here!!!!!

Well, as you may or may not know....it has been a rough four months. BUT....the break has finally arrived! Unfortunately, I am not even half way through with the school year. I hope things start to go better come January. BUT (again) we are not going to think about that, because it is Christmas Break!

So, here are some of my plans for the break:
1. Clean! Yes, I said clean...I have already gotten a head start...I am working on the office and I washed my car today! :)

2. Read! Well, that isn't too hard for me to do. I have found that I am a very good multitasker...I can read while walking 2 dogs! :)

3. Craft! I want to finish my amazing blanket that I started last year at this time, and I really want to make my hubby a new scarf in Grizzly Colors. Go Griz! :)

4. Pray! I need to find quiet time and start up a habit again of finding time to spend with God. I just got a new book that I am reviewing called The Perfect Love! I can't wait to get into it, because it is all about God satisfying our need for love, rather than seeking that need elsewhere, which I have been known to do. :)

5. Bake! I need to try some new recipes, however, tomorrow, I plan to do my signature....Apple Pie! I am making little mini pies for my amazing spin classes! Boy do they know how to keep me in shape! :)

I am determined to find joy this break. So if you see me with a frown, help me turn it upside down!

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