Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Girl in the Glass Review

The Girl in the Glass
The Girl in the Glass
By: Susan Meissner
The Girl in the Glass was a beautifully written story. I loved the plot and the surprise of it all. The characters in this story were well developed from start to finish.
Meg, works for a Travel book publishing company and has dreamed of visiting Florence, with her father. Due to circumstances beyond her control she gets to Florence on a whim and is able to meet up with Sofia, a woman who is attempting to get a Memoir on her life in Florence published and one of her Photographers for the Florence travel books, Lorenzo. Meg has the time of her life in Florence, seeing places and images that she has longed to see her entire life.
There are many challenges and obstacles that Meg, Sofia, and the book begin to face. The story unravels in interesting and unique ways.
The only thing that I did not enjoy about this book was the way the digital copy came through on my Kindle. It made reading parts of the story difficult as many words were squished together. I am sure this was just a digital copy error, and did not hinder the actual enjoyment of the story.
This was truly a great story to read. Can't wait till I get to go to Florence! :)

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