Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love and Respect for a Lifetime

I found this one to be really encouraging! Read my review and borrow it from me if you want! Oh and first come first serve...they sent me an extra....Whoever wants it gets it!

Love and Respect for a Lifetime is an eye opening book for couples of all ages to read. It is uplifting and gives couples encouragement in their relationships and marriages.

For wives, Love and Respect focuses on our need for love in a relationship. Women desire to be loved and we need this love from our husbands or our significant other in order to feel desired in a relationship. For husbands, Love and Respect focuses on their need for respect in a relationship. Husbands desire respect from their wives or significant other in a relationship in order to feel desired. Dr. Eggerichs focuses on both Love and Respect in light of wives and husbands in order to encourage couples to make the most of their relationship.

One part in particular that I liked was the visual that wives are pink and husbands are blue, but when those two colors combine, they form purple, the color of Royalty, the color that reflect our Creator, God. We as wives and husbands are the image of God and what we do and say in our relationships should reflect God’s love.

This is a beautiful gift book for couples to read together. With quotes and scripture to encourage couples, it proves to be a great devotional.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of Love and Respect for a Lifetime through Book Sneeze. I received no compensation for my thought


  1. We have this video series at Alpha and everyone who has gone thru it has thot it very helpful.

  2. At some point, I'd love to borrow it -- I bet they sent you two so you both could read it at the same time. :) Laugh, you are really going through the books, I just got a DVD that we watched. I didn't love it!